Burong Mustasa

As a child and coming from a Kapampangan family (mother side), I learned how to eat and eventually love foods commonly prepared and eaten in Pampanga. One of which is Burong Mustasa (or Fermented Mustard Leaves). Burong Mustasa is a perfect side dish for fried food like fish because it is not only healthy but also refreshing and removes the fishy smell or taste of the food.


1 Kilo of Fresh Mustard leaves
2-3 cups of rice water
rock salt or iodized salt
1 piece of ginger cut into small strips

Wash the Mustard leaves thoroughly and ensure there are no insects. Cut the roots and old leaves. After washing, dry it to remove excess water and cut into 2 in. strips.  Brush the leaves and stem with salt and press it with squeezing motion wherein some of the juices may come out. Place the mustasa leaves and stem in a clean and dry jar alternating it with ginger strips so the flavor will be evenly spread. Pour the rice water into the jar until totally immersed in water leaving 2 in. of space in the top of the jar without water. Cover the jar tightly and store in a cool and dry place for 5-7 days.

When serving, make sure you use a dry serving spoon to get the mustasa leaves and some juice in the jar to avoid spoiling. I usually serve it with sliced tomatoes and salted egg as optional item. See what a hearty meal I got in the picture below…Yummm…


14 Responses to “Burong Mustasa”

  1. emiclarez Says:

    Yummy indeed! Am glad to find your site. Will follow this easy steps. Cant wait to make the burong mustasa.

  2. redgbee Says:

    Nice and glad I found your site!! I I just finished making the burong mustasa and placed it on a jar. I will wait for 5 days and see how it goes. I dont think i can wait for 2 more days then. Lol.thank you so much!

    • thanks for your comment..any update on your burong mustasa? success? 🙂

      • reggie dizon Says:

        oops, sorry took me a long while to reply. i have not able to dry out the leaves very well due to my housing condition but followed all your instructions. after five days it developed some molds at top of the brine. what i did, i rinsed the leaves, took new batches of ginger and instead of rice wash water, i just soaked it in distilled salted vinegar. ahihi.. it was maasim but okay as it kept well. my dry fried fish didn’t need any sawsawan. thanks again.

  3. Elsie Salapare Crawford Says:

    Hi. My husband is a white American and he loves to plant mustard green in our vegetable garden. He usually cook mustard green by cutting them into two inches length, put some water, cooking oil and vinegar and a little bit of salt. I told him I will make burong mustasa and showed him your recipe. He wants me to try it. Wish me luck.

    • Hi Elsie..thanks and hope you and your husband will enjoy your version of Burong Mustasa. I think what your husband is doing is slightly similar in process, we used the rice washing to ferment the mustard leaves instead of vinegar. Good luck and God bless!

  4. I just harvested 2 sacks of fresh mustard from my farm, so I;m supper happy to find your site. Will make these tomorrow. I will use natural sea salt on one bath and himalayan salt on another. Will let you know what happens 🙂

  5. medie Says:

    i really like burong mustasa,tnx for the recipe

  6. gracy Says:

    Much better if there is a video

  7. Dada Munoz Says:

    This is the authentic way of making burung mustasa! Manyaman !

  8. I’m also a Kapampangan so I prefer my late mother’s method in preparing burong mustasa. She used hugas bigas pg ngsasaing, not the rice milk extracted from boiling already cooked rice. I haven’t tried the latter. Which tastes better, burong mustasa sa hugas bigas or sa rice milk mula sa sinaing ng kanin?

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